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Thread: Sportscene tonight

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocStone View Post
    To be fair to Michael Stewart he did say on the radio that Stokes should have been sent off for his foul on Tav, and that Jack should only have been booked, as should have Stokes and then been sent off.

    It seems when the evidence is so damning they have to show it.
    Wow, that alone should tell people that didn't see the match all they need to know about yesterday when you have Stewart saying we were hard done by.

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    We can only imagine what Sportscene would be like if the Mhankies had two players booked and a man sent off within 5 minutes as we did yesterday. The ref would have already left the county for his own safety.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kilwinnin ranger View Post
    Heard stephen thompson on the radio 1/2 an hour ago talkin about how he was in the studio to look at the footage for tonights program, said there was a few games with some questionable decisions ... but for some reason he thought ryan jack deserved his red card.

    Even though he just arrived at the studio & stil had to review the footage. 🙈🙉🙊 😲
    Never thought i would say this, but he's slowly but surely turning into one of them.What is it about some of our ex players, surely it can only be about taking the penny's. If not they should have a bloody good look in the mirror at themselves. We should ban them from entering Ibrox if they can't bring themselves to speak the truth now and again.A shower of Judas's.

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    Sportscene can go take a right good Fuuk tae itself.

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    BBC Scotland doing the refs report for him now I guess. They have looked at the jack sending off and they have found from all sorts of camera angles some slim reason for sending jack off.

    Quite how stokes was on the pitch anyway after his impression of kendo Nagasaki I'll never know. Cheats the lot of them.


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