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Thread: Stokes on Tavernier, Stokes on Jack (vids)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wc06 View Post
    We need to be hounding Beaton, publicly shaming him, and stating in the strongest terms that all our games will be reviewed and officials called out. We are already hated, and shouldn't give a fk about giving ammo to our haters. Clearly state we don't expect never to get decisions against us, but such repeated actions will be highlighted and those officials brought to task.
    Beaton is not the problem, or any other individual referee.

    The problem is the pressures that have been brought to bear on all referees over many years by Celtic aided and abetted by pretty much any Scottish team we play and a sectarian (or lily-livered) media who buy into the myth that refs are all Masonic/Orange Rangers men. This myth penetrated to the heart of the SFA when Regan publicly perpetuated it.

    The evidence to the contrary is so overwhelming that only a sinister media agenda can account for the fact that no one outside of Rangers gives it any credence.

    And football fans throughout the world regularly complain that "that was the worst refereeing I've ever seen" but yesterday truly was the worst I've ever seen. But let's not kid ourselves that Beaton himself was the problem or that we solve anything by stopping him refereeing Rangers games in future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southsideblueblood View Post
    I thought it was totally wrong as well but I've seen another clip now from behind jack( on Miller thread) and he does motion forward as well. That however does not justify the refs campaign to keep hibs at 11 men.
    He doesnt motion forward. The clip from the side shows clearly what happened. The one from behind is some sort of trick of the eye from the angle you are looking at.

    You never sat behind the ball at ibrox and it takes a deflection and it looks like its went away from you, but its actually coming towards your direction?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Blue View Post
    Dangerous tackle by the Rangers player.

    oops double post - can a Mod delete


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