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    I've Always hated the guy down the boozer that claims to know everything on football but it would seem I want to become that guy. Basically seem to have joined the craze for reading up on the analytical side of football, mostly tactically and some coaching methods, was just wondering if anyone has any decent suggestions for books or blogs worth reading.

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    A great book on tactics is Inverting the Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson, it covers the history of various tactics and how they are used.

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    I reckon the above two posters sit behind me at Ibrox. I want to tear my ears off at times listening to their in-play analysis.
    If it is you two lads could you also stop using phrases like "keeps" instead of goalie or keeper? Your patter is shite.

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    Haha, not guilty, as I say I hate those types as much as yourself.

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    Soccernomics and moving the goalposts will probably float your boat

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    A season with Verona is an eye opener

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    Martin Peranau's books on Pep have all been interesting insights.

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    Bill Shankly's autobiography tells you all you need to know about building and coaching a successful team.

    The training, tactics and player recruitment belong to another era but the principles about how to play football are timeless.


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