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    1890 - John Hendry signed for Notts County to complete a hetic two month period when he had either signed,played or offered to do either for four clubs. He had been a Rangers player towards the end of the 1889-90 season and had been one of the Rangers stars in a 5-2 defeat by Everton. Everton were impressed enough with his performance to offer him a professional contract and he was due to travel to Carlisle to meet Everton officials on May 2nd to sign one of two deals;£75 signing on fee and the equivalent of £1.50 a week or £20 signing on fee and £3 a week.
    Hendry didn't turn up,choosing to accept an offer from Celtic and playing for them in a friendly against Queen's Park. After the game he had a change of mind again and announced he wanted to play only for Rangerd,but when Notts County came in he readily agreed to go south of the border. Everton's reaction to the saga has never been recorded.
    2000 - KAA Gent 2 Rangers 3 (Kanchelskis 2,McCann) - Friendly (2,500)
    2001 - VV Capelle 1 Rangers 5 (Johnston 2,Caniggia,De Boer,Gayle) - Friendly (3,500)
    2013 - Brora Rangers 0 Rangers 2 (Macleod 2) - Friendly

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    John Hendry seems a right cracker

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    Quote Originally Posted by simply_the_best View Post
    John Hendry seems a right cracker
    I've got a feeling he was motivated by cash !


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