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How can I contact the site admin?

You can contact the site admin by email via the following links:

Due to the amount of emails we receive, please don't expect an instant response.

Alternatively you can send a private message to one of the admin. All of the admin show as invisible but log on regularly.

Why was my post chopped?

Threads will be removed if:

  • you are SHOUTING in the subject header.

  • you are having a Tourettes moment or using text speak.

  • your subject is non-descriptive. Topics like "Who thinks..." "Why..." etc. will be removed.

  • there are already numerous threads on the subject - you are not special, you do not deserve your own thread.

  • sometimes we merge duplicate threads - there is normally no notification of this, so it looks like it has been deleted - it hasn't, so don't panic.

  • check to see if there is an "Official" thread on the subject - again, you are not special, you do not deserve your own thread.

  • you posted it in the wrong forum - no football content; post in the lounge, technical content; then the techie section. There is no guarantee a thread will be moved if posted in the wrong forum, and repeat offenders will be dealt with harshly.

  • threads asking for Admin to explain themselves when it has already been explained above will also be chopped. Repeated requests will result in a banning.

  • You have posted attention seeking nonsense, twitter rumours or something that your mate down the pub told you and isn't really true.

  • It was just a stupid thing to post. We get a lot of these.

We do not delete threads for no apparent reason, and if you find yourself in a situation where you are seeing your threads deleted time and time again then get an adult to read the above out loud to you, and maybe draw some pictures.....

Where can I watch the game in...?

Check out for Bear-friendly pubs.

Other useful links for KO times, fixtures and live scores are here.

Why can't I post in the Lounge?

You need 250 posts to access the off-topic forum.

How do I post pictures?**updated-27-05-14**

Do Rangers own the training ground at Auchenhowie?


Can someone post a picture of...?

Google image search is your friend.

Where can I find a list of UEFA four and five star stadiums?

You can find the official list, emailed from the UEFA media office, on this thread.

There is no such thing as a three-star stadium.

That list is official. If a stadium isn't on it then that stadium is not rated for season 2007/2008.

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