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  1. ** Rangers v Caley Thistle - Pre Match Day Thread - Yes it's early -

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    PM please, if possible. Thanks.
    PM please .
  2. Peter Vaughn dead

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    Arguably one the greatest character actors to have graced the small screen ever. Grouty was, simply put, a cameo of genius delivery, beautiful words and menacing grace.
    rab c nisbetts father in law fact
  3. Team Performance and Joey Barton

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1972 bear View Post
    Why wait over 3 years (not the 4 you claim) to make your first post?

    Despite your protestations to the contrary I smell a rhat...
    I don't think the guy is fishing to be honest judging by the content of his post mate. You can normally tell a rhat from a mile off.

    I knew that there would be at least one, as I said I have supported Rangers since 1956, I have not jumped on the Joey Barton band wagon either,there is not one fact in my post ...
  4. The Grand Tour

    I wasn't impressed with the second episode at all. The whole anti-terror sketch was pretty poor and went in for too long. They need to get out on the road in each destination
  5. Andy halliday Quote & picture

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    Looking For A Decent Photo With Andy Halliday & The Quote Ive Not been A Rangers Fan Since The Day I Was Born It Goes Back way Further Than That

    Cheers In advance WATP

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