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  1. Robert Rowan - Brentford

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    This guy is a fantasist, told Brentford he was first team scout at Celtic, he was not, told Brentford he was SFA video analyst
    He actually only took the videos
    He was with Celtic four weeks as a schoolboy scout and they got shot of him
    Oh and he is the one who is telling people he spoke to Rangers, probably to gets new contract at Brentford
    Never heard of the guy but he's done well for himself if he's a fantasist like you say, he's the director of football at ...
  2. New manager to be in place for Old Firm game..

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    Having a wee rant to an uncle of mine this morning re a new manager and how regardless of whoever we get there is not much he can do with this bunch of weak heartless bunch of non triers,His answer was quite optimistic he said when he was a regular at Ibrox late 50s60s Rangers were beating the fhilth for in fun in fact they were pretty poor till Stein took over and changed them very nearly overnight.

    I agree with your uncle and am optimistic that given the right man ...
  3. Barry Ferguson to return

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    We are all completely familiar with that phrase, as we've all been thinking it when considering whether or not there is any point in bringing in a temporary manager to manage this lot now.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that bringing Barry Ferguson in smacks of complete and utter desperation, if there is any truth in it.
    It was aimed at the Clyde team dafty.
    5 pages on a spoof tango thread from a triallist.
  4. 1 x dundee ticket

    1 Dundee ticket for sale face vaule £25 has to be picked up in edinburgh please pm if interested game on the 19 febuary
  5. Jim McAlister

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    Never good to hear, full and speedy recovery wished.
    Wish him a full and speedy recovery
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