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  1. Thoughts on season and what's needed....

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    Glad it's all over!

    Pre-season I was optimistic until the Burnley friendly, midfield were woefully short that day and early signs were there that we didn't have the energy to take our style of play from Championship up to SPFL. As painful as some of the defeats this season have been I think the most damaging for the team came last season against St Johnstone in the cup, we were picked apart so easily on the counter I think it was on the management/player's minds going into this season
  2. Wrestling Thread - Part III

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    His hair is a shambles. Have him as the guy who destroys the indie darlings, and he becomes a star in my opinion.
    So, of course, they beat him. Then the commentators tell you how incredible it is that Sami won a match because he's such a loser. And Corbin has just lost to this total loser.

    Remind me again why it is that they can't make stars any more??!
    It's cool, we are all supposed to take Corbin serious in a couple weeks when he's in a number one contenders ...
  3. Gerry on Super Scoreboard. New low

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    The Jeremy Kyle show of Scottish fitbaw.

    Only ever listen after a heavy Thims defeat.
    Be good if they did DNA results instead of football results (Brendan your not the brother of Bernadette .You'r her father and your uncle's your brother
    I used to listen not listen for 2years no decent rangers fans should listen to that shite Pedro will surprise lot people next year and stick 2fingets to the Scottish media
  4. Does no one go out with absolutely no cash anymore?

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    Tipping the barmaid is something I've never seen anyone my age do, I don't know if it's either dying out or maybe it's something you only start doing when you're older and know the bird behind the bar isn't thinking you're only doing it because you fancy her.
    I'll do it at least a couple of times over the course of every night out, mainly because I used to work behind a bar in my first uni of year and I know how good it is to actually get given tips. From my experience it's definitely
  5. Enjoyed the win, but the new manager is worrying me already.

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    What was different between that game and the game at Firhill in December?
    Maybe that in the December game the manager played a team he had created with players he had chosen whereas today the manager used what he has inherited?

    That said, the performance today was poor.
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