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  1. Transfer Speculation Thread **PM requests/offers = Temp Ban **

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    Thread should be locked until official news comes out.
    How would that constitute as speculation?
  2. Walking the west highland way

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    Did it 2 weeks ago. Loved every minute of it, did over 7 days, favourite part was Inversnaid to Inverarnon, in the rain. One wrong move and youd get a very sore one but great feeling when it was done. no blisters, knees held out, god knows how. Such a brilliant achievement. would recommend anyone who likes walking, has to do this.
    That part was by far the toughest part. We did Balmaha to Drovers Inn in one day. Was absolutely shattered by the end. Well earned pints & a half after ...
  3. By how many seats will The Tories win the GE

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungGer97 View Post
    The result is a foregone conclusion

    - The tories will likely comfortably break 400 seats
    - Labour around 160 -190 seats
    - Lib Dems at best between 20-40 seats (which will hurt the tories more than any)
    - UKIP will die
    - Greens might hold their one seat
    - SNP will be between 40-50 most likely
    - The rest will pick up the scraps

    Unless something mental happens that wont be far off the final result.

    Also the
  4. Thoughts on season and what's needed....

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    Glad it's all over!

    Pre-season I was optimistic until the Burnley friendly, midfield were woefully short that day and early signs were there that we didn't have the energy to take our style of play from Championship up to SPFL. As painful as some of the defeats this season have been I think the most damaging for the team came last season against St Johnstone in the cup, we were picked apart so easily on the counter I think it was on the management/player's minds going into this season
  5. Wrestling Thread - Part III

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Super Bad View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Larry David View Post
    His hair is a shambles. Have him as the guy who destroys the indie darlings, and he becomes a star in my opinion.
    So, of course, they beat him. Then the commentators tell you how incredible it is that Sami won a match because he's such a loser. And Corbin has just lost to this total loser.

    Remind me again why it is that they can't make stars any more??!
    It's cool, we are all supposed to take Corbin serious in a couple weeks when he's in a number one contenders ...
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